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Naples Daily News: Aerobics, the energetic dance fitness program that was hugely popular in the 1980s, is still alive and well in a studio space at South Regional Library in East Naples. But this aerobics class has African flair. It's called "Aerobics with Soul" and it combines a highly structured aerobic workout with traditional African dance. In her skin-tight, cheetah-print leggings and tank top, Diane Gayes instructed the class on a recent Monday morning. Read More!

Boca Raton Magazine: Every day when I recall other times in my life, I say. “That was then; this is now” and the now wants to be the then more often than not. I am happy to report I ran right smack into the then Saturday when I showed up for Maria Nhambu’s Aerobics With Soul class. Read More!

Delray Magazine: Maria Nhambu's improbable journey through life began at an African Orphanage where the other kids ruthlessly called her "Fat Mary." It was hurtful, but she found an unlikley way to cope. Read More!

American Fitness: The excitement of African dance is usually not the dance but the way it is performed, and the degree of participation by the audience. "Listen to the beat, feel it in your heart, and stop it with your feet..." Read More!

Billboard Magazine: Aerobics with Soul ®draws on the dances and music of Africa to create a workout routine that is challenging and different. Read More!

Essence Magazine: Need a whole lot of inspiration to work that whole lot of holiday turkey? Turn to our roots! Here Tanzanian-born Maria Nhambu gives tips for a workout that will call your ancestral spirits... Read More!

Ebony Magazine: Aerobic Soul- African Rhythms. I try to use this tape daily. I not only get a great work-out, I also learn authentic African dance at the same time! Read More!

Health and Beauty: Maria Nhambu's Aerobics With Soul® has removed fitness beyond the level of science incorporating an awareness that speaks plainly to good health and vigor without the industry jargon. Here is a "cardio-cultural" workout and exercise routine that goes straight to the heart and soul of the culture of Africa... Read More!

GLAMOUR: Finally, help for both the jaded video jock and easily intimidated couch potato: Aerobics With Soul®, a sixty-minute workout by Maria Nhambu, a Tanzanian-born dancer and certified aerobics instructor.. Read More!

Journal for Business and Arts: I dance therefore I am - Maria Nhambu combines aerobic exercise and African dance.. Read More!

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Kilimanjaro Video: Maria Nhambu takes you to Tanzania, East Africa for this advanced Aerobics With Soul® workout. In Aerobics with Soul - Kilimanjaro will experience exciting, intricate tribal dances.. Read More!

Library Journal: Named for Africa's highest peak, this is dance instructor Maria Nhambu's advanced aerobics workout. Based on tribal dances that have been modified for safety and effectiveness, the 65-minute workout is divided into several sections... Read More!


Minority Business Journal: Maria Nhambu has a mission. "My mission is to bring Africa into the lives of Americans so they can experience, participate and enjoy it,".. Read More!

Montserrat Reporter: Earlier this month for one solid, fun-filled hour, I was taught how to get in touch with my body. Abandoning the harsh realities of a 8 to 4 day for an imaginary world of lions, giraffes, monkeys, and other symbols of Africa which we only read about, or see in the movies.. Read More!

Mpls St. Paul: On the bare floor of a mirrored studio in Edina, a handful of women dance till their legs burn and their pulse rate double. It's a scene duplicated daily in workout sessions throughout the Twin Cities.. Read More!

New York Daily News: Fed up with Jane Fonda? Maria Nhambu was. That's why the Tanzanian-born dancer devised a sizzling workout video that celebrates her East African heritage... Read More!

Philadelphia Inquirer: If you like dancing, African music and wild animal cries, and if you don't improvising when the camera forgets to focus on feet, this handsome tape will be a welcome addition to your workout library.. Read More!

New Body: Get rid of adult inhibitions and let your self go with one of the most innovative, free-spirited and enjoyable workout tapes on the video market today.. Read More!

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Purpose Magazine Health: Some say Jane Fonda is the queen of exercise videos. A growing number of people are quick to disagree.. Read More!

Saint Paul Pioneer Press: Maria Nhambu's spirit smolders like the sun in her native Tanzania. She moves like an animal roaming the Serengeti plains. She dances with the earthy abandon of a bushwoman. Read More!

Shape Magazine: Does the very thought of taking a funk class knot up your stomach like macrame? Is "soul" something you feel you were bron without?.. Read More!

Sun Current: An African Beat Reverberates from the basement. Inside, dancers mimic the movements of gazelles, giraffes or other inhabitants of Serengeti plain.. Read More!