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Twin Sisters Coco and Connie Bennett: ACSM Certified Fitness Professionals

Chicago and San Diego, California

Coco and Connie trained for Aerobics With Soul® in 2005 and taught this empowering dance class to guests at Rancho La Puerta Wellness Resort in Tecate, Mexico. They like to take class from Nhambu whenever possible in order to experience the joyful, healing energy that is an Aerobics With Soul® signature.


Salma Françoise Faraji: Air Traffic Support Assistant, Dance Artist

 Tanzania and Southampton, England

I met Nhambu in my late teens. Overwhelmed by the creative, dynamic and joyous workout, Aerobics With Soul ®, I trained as an instructor. Learning about culture, music, and freedom of movement, I share her enthusiasm for African Dance, teaching classes in Southampton, England, U.K. Every class is a celebration.




Anna Rachelle Fitzsimmons: Lifetime student of the world.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anna Rachelle makes Aerobics With Soul® a part of her daily life, being inspired by its rhythms and many benefits. She teaches the beginning classes of Aerobics With Soul® and brings health, wellness and joy to the students.


Susan Fridley: Early Childhood Teacher 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Susan was thrilled to discover Aerobics With Soul® over 25 years ago.  The joy the music and movement brought her has moved her to become an instructor. Susan lives in Minnesota and is delighted to share Aerobics With Soul® with others.




Diane Gayes:  R.N., ACE, CPR

 Naples, Florida

Since 1987, Diane has embraced teaching a refreshing, nurturing and balanced fitness class that awakens life’s energy in mind, body and spirit.  She feels inspired combining her passions of providing healthcare (critical care nurse) and promoting a healthy lifestyle while teaching Aerobics With Soul®. 

Diane teaches in Naples, FL. 


Pauline Hudson:  Accountant. Enjoys movement of the soul

 Montserrat and Connecticut 

Pauline was an Aerobics With Soul instructor in Montserrat from 1987 until 1991 when she moved to Michigan.  She enjoyed Nhambu’s classes whenever she was on island, and wanted to continue feeling that joy of dancing to the African beat when she left. So she trained and became an instructor.  Thank goodness for the videos, and now DVDs that can be enjoyed anytime!




Sonia Meade-Swanston: Medical Doctor (MB BS, DGO, DPD, AME)

Montserrat Native; St. Maarten Resident

 Meeting Maria, joining her Aerobics With Soul® class and later training to be an instructor gave me the inspiration and the drive to get my body back in shape after 3 pregnancies. I could never achieve Maria’s flexibility, but her energy, enthusiasm and rhythm were infectious!  Years later, I would use the Aerobics With Soul® routines to rehabilitate myself after neck surgery for a pinched nerve that caused a paralysis in my left arm. Thank you Nhambu, thank you for Aerobics With Soul®!


Maria Nhambu:  Creator of Aerobics With Soul®,  Author: Dancing Soul Trilogy

Delray Beach Florida, and Minneapolis, Minnesota

The dances I learned growing up in Tanzania have always been a source of strength to me. In 1981, I created Aerobics With Soul®  as a way to share in the essence of dance and to touch the essence of life. It is a way to involve the Soul in liberating the Body and Mind for exercise. It is also my way of sharing an essential part of my African heritage – the joy and dignity of human life, and the celebration of life through dance.

Classes:  Saturdays, 10.00 -11.00 a.m -  Veterans Park Facility, Delray Beach, FL.

Dance Specialty Presenter at Rancho La Puerta Health and Wellness Resort, Tecate, Mexico.




Rachel E. Soffer: Attorney & Advocate for Dancing Body, Mind + Spirit

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Rachel is an enthusiastic health and fitness leader who loves inspiring people to exercise body, mind and spirit.  She has enjoyed teaching Aerobics With SoulÒ  since 1988, and is passionate about sharing the joy and healing power of dance and exercise.

Classes at The Marsh in Minnetonka (

Studio TimeOut (


Nedy WindhamProgram Manager, University of Minnesota

Bloomington, Minnesota

Nedy feels blessed to have been an Aerobics With Soul® instructor since 1986.  She enjoys having the opportunity to share the spirit of Africa and the healing power of dance with the Twin Cities community.  She enjoys music, dancing, biking and spending time with family, friends and her Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church family.




Salma Faraji: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Salma Faraji is teaching Aerobics With Soul® the African Dance Workout at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She taught via Zoom during the Covid Pandemic but is now teaching graduate and undergraduate students on campus.