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The dances I learned growing up in Tanzania have always been a source of strength to me ever since I came to America. For over twenty five I have taught and performed African Dance all over the world.

As an exercise enthusiast, I have taken many arduous hours of aerobics. Gradually I became interested in developing a form of exercise that combined the joy and healing power of dance, as I knew it in my native Tanzania, with the rigor of aerobics. In 1982, I created Aerobics With Soul® in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Aerobics With Soul® is more than a new way to exercise. It is a way to share in the essence of dance and to touch the essence of life. It is a way to involve the Soul in liberating the Body and Mind for exercise.

For me, Aerobics With Soul® is a way for showing my love and pride in my country, Tanzania, and its people. It is my way of thanking the many individuals in America who have helped, encourage and supported me in this undertaking.

It is also my way of sharing with people everywhere, an important and essential part of my African heritage – the joy and dignity of human life, and the celebration of life through dance.

Maria Nhambu

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Aerobics With Soul® is one of the funnest dance aerobics, emphasizing a cultural and multi-dimensional approach to exercise. Its origins go back to traditional African dance. Aerobics With Soul® is an innovative combination of the best of highly structured aerobics workouts, with the magic and creativity of dance. The movements flow naturally from the body as a result of engaging the mind for inspiration, and tapping the soul of expression.

Contemporary and traditional African music is used at all course levels. Instructors create a friendly, intimate and non-competitive atmosphere that permits them to work individually with students to promote their development.

Come and discover the joy of working out to music and moves that add the heat and beat, the heart and soul of Africa…to Aerobics!


Listen to the beat, listen to the beat.  

Feel it in your heart, stomp it with your feet.

Hear the music playing for the melodies are sweet.

Listen to the beat, listen to the beat.


How can I describe it, how to even start.

Is that music drumming or the drumming of my heart?

Find my true potential, music is a key.

Mind and body dancing, set my spirit free.

Poetry of motion, beauty filled with poise.

Hear the inner music, quell distracting noise.

Living with one purpose, to find harmony

To be whole and graceful, to be one with me.

Hips in constant motion, swaying to the sound.

Arms are undulating, chin swings up and down.

Skin damp and glowing, sparkling with the light.

Eyes alive and vibrant, joyful and so bright.

Music sings within me, music sings without,

Joins our souls together, conquers fear and doubt.

Dance my own variation, just unique to me,

Of eternal music in humanity.


Smiling with the song, listen to the beat.

Feel it in your heart, stomp it with you feet.

Hear the music playing, for the melodies are sweet.

Listen to the beat, listen to the beat.

 AEROBICS WITH SOUL®  by Michael Milgraum

Listen To The Beat

A poem about Aerobics With Soul® read by Maria Nhambu

Rancho La Puerta Mexico, September 2019